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diamond_dressing_rolls Application of Dressing Rolls

Application Fields

Diamond dressing rolls are successfully used by many companies in large-scale production:

  • in tool making for the production of thread drills, thread rolling dies, spiral drills and circular saw blades 
  • in roller bearing production for grinding internal and external rings with radial, cylindrical, tapered, spherical or logarithmic track geometries. Furthermore, diamond dressing rolls are used for the manufacture of rolling elements, ball screws and linear guides.
  • in the automotive industry and its supplier industry for the production of intake valves, exhaust valves, rocking and towing levers, camshafts, piston rings, injection nozzle needles, crankshafts, toothed racks, turbines (see picture above) and others.
  • in gas turbine manufacture industry for grinding of head and foot profiles ( "fir trees"), for turbine and guide blades 
  • in aircraft industry, e.g. different profiles and gearings
  • in hydraulic components
  • in wood processing, e.g. In the production of corrugated rollers


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