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Technical Deployment of Dressing Rolls

The use of diamond dressing rolls is only possible with its own drive so that a relative movement between the dressing roll and the grinding wheel occurs during dressing process:

Vrel. = VDressing R. / VGrinding W.

Optimal grinding results with diamond dressing rollers are achieved under the following conditions:

  • The grinding machine must be rigid and torsion-free in order to absorb the dressing forces.
  • Adequate cooling must be provided.
  • The roller drive should be in both direction of rotation and its speed should be infinitely variable.

The following criteria must be considered during deployment of dressing rolls:

  • Speed ratio dressing roll to grinding wheel.
  • The speed ratio is very important to achieve good grinding results, but also for the service life of the dressing roll itself.

In order to demonstrate the importance of speed ratio extensive investigations were carried out in the past. One result of this investigation is the influence of the speed ratio on the degree of roughness. In the diagram below the results are summarized according to the speed ratio and dressing direction.

speed_ratio_rotmess_dressing_rolls Deployment

 Picture 1: Achievable Roughness in Relation to Speed Ratio and Direction


The bandwidth speed / roughness results from the different feed speeds = the smaller the feed speed ar the lower the surface roughness Rts of the grinding wheel.

The diagram shows clearly that the possibilities for changing the roughness in the synchronous dressing are significantly higher than in the counter-dressing.

In counter-dressing, a change in the speed ratio beyond 0.5 has only very little influence on the roughness of the grinding wheel. On the other hand, the roughness of the grinding wheel can be strongly influenced in the synchronous dressing in the speed ratio range between 0.2-0.8.


  • A speed ratio Vr/Vw =1 or 0 immediatly leads to the destruction of the dressing roller.
  • Vr/Vw =0,8 is recommended as the maximum value for the synchronous dressing.
  • The minimum value for the synchronous dressing should not be less than Vr/Vw =0.1.

dressing_directions Deployment

Picture 2:  Synchtonous- and counter-dressing



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