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Profile Dressing Rolls

Diamantabrichtrollen_large Profile Dressing Rolls

Diamond Profile Dressing rolls are the most sophisticated dressing tools for up-to-day and highly accurate grinding processes in serial production.

ROTMESS Diamond Tools is specialized in the design and development as well as procurement of rotating diamond tools. For over twenty years we have reliably delivered our customized products for different applications in dressing technology. Our state-of-the-art tools meet the strictest requirements for dimensional tolerances. They are widely used in the production of tools, valves and bearing rings as well as for the production of turbocharger rotors and turbine blades. Many customers value our performance as a second supplier.

toleranzen_large Profile Dressing Rolls

A distinguishing point during the production of diamond dressing rollers is the achievable tolerances. The tolerance range has a significant influence on the manufacturing costs and thus on the price of the diamond dressing rollers.

The production of high-precision diamond dressing rolls with very narrow tolerances is only possible by mean of so-called galvanic negative methods. In a galvanic negative shaping, the diamonds are distributed stochastically on the profile surface.

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